Australians among those affected by LinkedIn data leak

Australians are among those affected by a security breach that saw millions of LinkedIn passwords published online. Last week, LinkedIn revealed more than 100 million users...

Travel agency collapses into voluntary administration after proposed merger fell through

A travel agency that was turning over approximately $2 million annually has collapsed into voluntary administration after a proposed merger fell through. The travel divisions...

The marginal seats home to the most small business owners revealed

Small business owners have more power to topple or prop up a government than most people realise, according to an analysis of marginal seats...

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Aunty B

I’m SmartCompany’s resident Agony Aunt. Have a problem to solve? Just ask.


Dear Aunty B, I don’t know how to interrupt my staff when they start going off topic in the meetings. What’s the best way to get things back on track?

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