Music streaming service Guvera places two subsidiaries into voluntary administration after failed IPO

Queensland music streaming startup Guvera has entered two of its subsidiaries into voluntary administration after its $1.3 billion initial public offering was blocked by...

Is international retail giant Steinhoff International looking to buy Big W and sites from Masters?

Australian retailers could soon have another big player in their midst, if rumours that South African retail group Steinhoff International is seeking to acquire...

From 3am market starts and $80,000 in credit card debt: How Samantha Wills created a multimillion-dollar jewellery empire

Jewellery designer Samantha Wills’ best piece of advice to fellow entrepreneurs is not to “burn bridges”. “Business is such a people’s game,” Wills told SmartCompany...


Aunty B

I’m SmartCompany’s resident Agony Aunt. Have a problem to solve? Just ask.


Dear Aunty B, One of my sales executives has asked for a pay rise after working for us for around 10 months and I’m not sure that they deserve a higher salary just yet.

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